Saturday, March 6, 2010

Richard Goodwin - Carapace

Carapace by Richard Goodwin

Noun - car

Verb - explode

Adjective -beautiful

Ricky Swallow - Tusk

Tusk by Ricky Swallow

Noun – bones

Verb- holding

Adjective – love

Patricia Piccinini - Thicker than water

Thicker than water by Patricia Piccinini

Noun – family

Verb - consolidate

Adjective – connected

Something Beautiful

I took this picture with my phone on observatory hill. Yes this is very tourist like but I think this picture is beautiful only because it captures one of Australia’s largest icon. I find this picture particularly interesting because it shows the busy high rise towers on the other side of the bridge and yet if cross the other side of the bridge i.e. observatory hill you get this nice peaceful environment. It's like an escape from the busy metropolitan city yet it contradicts itself because it is still in the city